Seeing “Foggy Beach”

Foggy Beach

In recent years my mind works differently when making a photograph.  Sure, I still react to the beauty in front of me, but more than before I react to what is in me, brought forward and alive by what is in front of me.  A couple months ago I was along the Big Sur coast of California.  My buddy, Richard Newman, and I are making a dvd.  That’s another story I want to talk about, but at this particular moment we were watching fog come into and envelope the coast.  It turned a day of details and clarity into a day of simple lines, gentle edges.  I thought about how fog is one of several weather elements that can tug at our emotions.  Depending on where you are (in life, right now!), it can surround you with different feelings, perhaps loneliness or solitude.  At that moment I felt peaceful and still.  The surreal bliss of being alone and feeling alive.


It is as if I now let go of the quick reaction – snap the pretty picture – and connect intuitively to what is going on inside.


~ by eddiesoloway on June 8, 2009.

One Response to “Seeing “Foggy Beach””

  1. Wow thats a nice fireworks pic!

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