Stretching Perception

In the autumn of 2007 I visited the work of Masao Yamamoto at The Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, California.  I had seen his little jewels before, but never in an exhibition.  The prints were perhaps an inch by an inch and a half.  One wall might have but one print.  Another had a cluster of many tucked together off to the side.

The artist statement was as follows:  “When looking at my installation, I would like the viewer not to try to understand.  Rather, as a landscape, for example, please just view or take a look.  Haiku moment is a translation of the moment when a haiku takes shape, and it is probably a moment that comes to you suddenly, striking your feelings.  Likewise, my installation often reveals its story in front of my eyes at the last minute before the de-installation. It is difficult, however, to describe it by words.”


~ by eddiesoloway on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “Stretching Perception”

  1. reading yamamoto’s statement asking the viewer to just “see” his work, simply letting it take its own shape in the viewer’s mind, and comparing the viewer’s reaction to reading a haiku brought back memories of english class poetry assignments — reflecting back and appreciating, now more than then, how simply yet so beautifully a haiku paints a mental image…. also interesting how similar the simple, miniature form and layout of his installation compares to the compact yet meaningful form of haiku …. how you recount the exhibit along w/ what he states depicts a somewhat vivid image of the installation right here while also stirring a curiosity and desire to actually have been able to experience it personally.

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