Photo Diary II


~ by eddiesoloway on July 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Photo Diary II”

  1. Hey Eddie, I love what you are doing with the blog and the video diary, your words are genuine and inspirational. I hope you are well and that we one day meet again.

    Jonathan (your old assistant)

  2. Eddie, it’s great to see you again, even in this virtual format. It’s like a stroll down memory lane, looking at your pictures. I LOVE the ones of the mop and shoes AND also the one of the man on rebarb. Two I hadn’t seen before. I think the salmon need to push pretty hard to get up to the next level. I’ve been pushing hard at dance now that I have some time to devote to it. Being away from it and having limited time have really helped me actually. Hoping to make some steps in the direction of photographing again. Hope to see you in person one of these days. Maybe when the babes are a little older.

  3. Eddie,

    Yes, I have had those moments of being a salmon in a still pool ready to jump to the next level. I am there now.

    I also have those unexpected moments of enlightenment as I explore the natural world. Something I treasure.

    Your good friend,
    Linda Franklin

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